Scratch (Level 2)

Course Title: Introduction to Scratch for Kids 8-12 years
Course Duration: 6 weeks (12 sessions)
Course Description:
The Introduction to Scratch for Kids course is designed to provide a fun and interactive introduction to computer programming for children. Using Scratch, a visual programming language developed by MIT, This course will teach kids the fundamentals of coding through hands-on projects, games, and animations. By the end of the course, students will have a solid foundation in programming concepts and will be able to create their own interactive stories and projects.

Course Outline:

Week 1: Introduction to Scratch
• Overview of Scratch and its interface
• Introduction to sprites and backgrounds
• Basic movement and animation
• Creating a simple interactive project

Week 2: Programming Concepts
• Understanding events and event-driven programming
• Variables and their usage
• Conditional statements (if-else) and loops (repeat, forever)
• Creating a simple game using programming concepts

Week 3: Sprites and Animation
• Working with multiple sprites and costumes
• Sprite interactions and collisions
• Introduction to animation and motion effects
• Creating a simple animated story

Week 4: Game Development

• Designing game mechanics and rules
• User input and controls
• Scoring systems and game logic
• Creating a fully functional game project

Week 5: Interactive Stories
• Introduction to storytelling with Scratch
• Incorporating dialogue and narration
• Adding sound effects and background music
• Creating an interactive story project
Week 6: Project Showcase
• Finalizing and polishing projects
• Presenting and sharing completed projects
• Celebrating achievements and recognizing creativity
• Recap of concepts covered throughout the course

Note: Each session will consist of a mix of instructor-led demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and collaborative activities to engage students and reinforce learning. Homework assignments and project work will be given to encourage practice and creativity outside of class time. Prerequisites:
• No prior programming experience is required
• Basic computer literacy skills
• Suitable for kids aged 8-12 years