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Test and Project Courses for Kids (Ages 8-12)

Course 1: Introduction to Computers and Technology
• Basic understanding of computers and technology
• Parts of a computer and their functions
• Introduction to computer hardware and software
• Basic computer operations and navigation

Course 2: Internet and Online Safety
• Introduction to the internet and its uses
• Safe browsing practices
• Understanding online privacy and security
• Identifying and avoiding online threats
• Responsible online behavior and digital citizenship

Course 3: Introduction to Coding

• Introduction to coding concepts and logic
• Understanding algorithms and sequences
• Basic coding languages (e.g., Scratch, Blockly)
• Creating simple programs and animations
• Problem-solving through coding exercises

Course 4: Digital Graphics and Design
• Introduction to graphic design principles
• Basic image editing techniques
• Introduction to graphic design software (e.g., Canva, Pixlr)
• Creating digital artwork and posters
• Designing simple logos and graphics

Course 5: Web Development Basics
• Introduction to web development
• Understanding HTML and CSS
• Building a basic website structure
• Adding content and formatting web pages
• Publishing and sharing a website

Course 6: Game Development Basics
• Introduction to game development concepts
• Designing game characters and levels
• Introduction to game development platforms (e.g., Scratch,
• Creating simple games with interactive elements
• Testing and debugging games

Course 7: Digital Storytelling
• Introduction to digital storytelling techniques
• Storyboarding and scriptwriting
• Creating multimedia presentations
• Adding audio and video elements
• Sharing and presenting digital stories

Course 8: IT Project Management
• Introduction to project management concepts
• Defining project goals and requirements
• Planning and organizing IT projects
• Teamwork and collaboration in project management
• Presenting and evaluating project outcomes