Scratch, Pattern Recognition, Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving (Level 3)

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Scratch programming, pattern recognition, logical reasoning, and problem-solving suitable for kids aged 10 years and older:

Course 1: Introduction to Scratch Programming

• Overview of Scratch and its interface
• Introduction to basic programming concepts (sequences, loops,
• Creating interactive stories, animations, and games using Scratch
• Understanding variables and user input
• Introduction to debugging and troubleshooting in Scratch

Course 2: Intermediate Scratch Programming
• Review of Scratch fundamentals
• Advanced programming concepts (lists, custom blocks, events)
• Creating complex games and simulations
• Introduction to computational thinking and algorithmic problem-solving
• Collaborative projects and sharing work with the Scratch community

Course 3: Pattern Recognition
• Introduction to patterns in everyday life
• Understanding visual and auditory patterns
• Identifying and classifying patterns
• Recognizing patterns in numbers and sequences
• Creating and extending patterns
• Problem-solving using pattern recognition techniques

Course 4: Logical Reasoning
• Introduction to logical thinking and reasoning
• Understanding logical operators (AND, OR, NOT)
• Truth tables and logical deductions
• Solving logic puzzles and brain teasers
• Applying logical reasoning to programming
• Enhancing problem-solving skills through logical analysis

Course 5: Problem-Solving Strategies
• Introduction to problem-solving techniques
• Breaking down complex problems into smaller parts
• Developing algorithms and step-by-step procedures
• Brainstorming and generating creative solutions
• Testing and evaluating solutions
• Collaborative problem-solving projects