Introduction to Robotics for Kids (Level 3)

Course Title: Introduction to Robotics for Kids (Ages 10 and Older)
Course Description:
The Introduction to Robotics course is designed to introduce children aged 10 and older to the exciting world of robotics. Through a combination of theoretical concepts and hands-on activities, students will learn the basics of robotics, including principles of design, programming, and problem-solving. This course aims to foster creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration skills while encouraging a passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).
Course Duration: 8-10 weeks (may vary depending on the frequency and duration of each class)
Course Outline:

1. Week 1: Introduction to Robotics
• What is robotics?
• Brief history of robotics
• Applications of robotics in various fields
• Ethical considerations in robotics
2. Week 2: Components of a Robot
• Understanding the main components of a robot (sensors,
actuators, microcontrollers)
• Exploring different types of sensors and actuators
• Hands-on activity: Building a simple robot model using pre
made kits
3. Week 3: Robot Design and Construction
• Principles of robot design
• Mechanical structures and materials
• Introduction to tools and equipment used in robot construction
• Hands-on activity: Designing and building a robot chassis
4. Week 4: Introduction to Programming
• Basics of programming concepts
• Programming languages used in robotics (Scratch, Python, etc.)
• Writing simple programs to control robot behavior
• Hands-on activity: Programming the robot to perform basic
5. Week 5: Sensors and Perception
• Different types of sensors and their applications
• Sensor integration and data interpretation
• Hands-on activity: Adding sensors to the robot and
programming it to respond to different stimuli
6. Week 6: Robot Locomotion and Mobility
• Methods of robot locomotion (wheels, legs, tracks)
• Kinematics and control of robot movement
• Hands-on activity: Designing and implementing different
locomotion mechanisms
7. Week 7: Robot Intelligence and Decision-Making
• Introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning in
• Basics of decision-making algorithms
• Hands-on activity: Programming the robot to make
autonomous decisions
8. Week 8: Project Showcase and Collaboration
• Students work on a final project in groups
• Integration of all learned concepts into a complete robotic
• Final project demonstration and presentation