HTML, CSS, and Javascript (Level 3 Age 10+)

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript courses designed for kids aged 10 years and older:
Course 1: Introduction to HTML

• Lesson 1: What is HTML?
• Basic introduction to HTML and its role in web development
• Lesson 2: Structure of an HTML Document
• HTML tags, elements, and attributes
• Lesson 3: Creating Headings and Paragraphs
• Using the <h1>, <h2>, <p> tags, etc.
• Lesson 4: Working with Links and Images
• Creating hyperlinks with <a> tags and inserting images with <img> tags
• Lesson 5: Creating Lists
• Ordered and unordered lists using <ul>, <ol>, and <li> tags
• Lesson 6: Adding Basic Styling with CSS
• Introducing CSS for simple styling of HTML elements

Course 2: Intermediate HTML and CSS
• Lesson 1: Understanding Divs and Spans
• Working with <div> and <span> tags for organizing content
• Lesson 2: Styling with CSS
• More advanced CSS properties for changing colors, fonts, and backgrounds
• Lesson 3: Box Model and Layout
• Understanding the box model and using CSS properties for positioning and layout
• Lesson 4: Forms and Input Fields
• Creating HTML forms with <form>, <input>, and other form elements
• Lesson 5: Responsive Web Design
• Introduction to media queries and designing websites for different devices

Course 3: Introduction to JavaScript
• Lesson 1: What is JavaScript?
• Basics of JavaScript and its role in web development
• Lesson 2: Variables and Data Types
• Declaring variables, understanding data types (strings, numbers, booleans)
• Lesson 3: Conditional Statements and Loops
• Using if statements, for loops, and while loops for decision
making and repetition
• Lesson 4: Functions
• Defining and calling functions, parameters, and return values
• Lesson 5: DOM Manipulation
• Accessing and modifying HTML elements using JavaScript
• Lesson 6: Events and Event Handling
• Responding to user actions with event listeners and handling events

Course 4: Intermediate JavaScript
• Lesson 1: Arrays
• Creating and manipulating arrays, accessing array elements
• Lesson 2: Objects
• Introduction to objects, properties, and methods
• Lesson 3: Working with JSON
• Understanding JSON format and parsing JSON data
• Lesson 4: AJAX and Fetch API
• Making asynchronous requests to retrieve data from a server
• Lesson 5: Introduction to JavaScript Libraries/Frameworks
• Overview of popular libraries/frameworks like jQuery, React, or Vue.js